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Stretcher with physical containment

Airtech is one of the world leaders in the design and supply of flexible containment and integrated systems for all aspects of the containment of potent materials for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Medical and Food industries. They have extensive experience of the Pharmaceutical Industry with unrivalled practical knowledge of flexible containment technology and the application of flexible containment to new and existing equipment anywhere in the world.

Airtech product Provide the physical containment with the stretcher wheel which has the following specification

  • Efficiency 99.9%or higher at 0.3 µm
  • Filter element Main Filter ~ HEPA filter (Scan tested)
  • Air Volume Approx, 2.0m3/min
  • Operation change AC/battery
  • Size W02090 x D650 x H830 ~ AluminumHood  ~  Transparent PVC
  • Power source AC100V 1 ф 50/60Hz or DC12VAt Charge ~ AC100V 1ф 50/60Hz
  • Weight Approx. 92 Kg
  • Max Loading Approx. 85 Kg or less
Patient Transfer Bed
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