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The Utopia Group of Companies had its humble beginnings in 1980 when its predecessor, Utopia-Aire Pte Ltd was established as a one-man operation. And the person instrumental in the Group’s transformation into a major national and regional organisation with more than 100 staff is founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jeremy Chia. He foresaw the potential market niche in the demand for offices and factories that are free from internal environmental pollution, micro-contamination and organic contamination and are subject to controlled temperature and humidity, in the burgeoning computer and electronics market in the region.

In steering the Group to its success, one fundamental management philosophy prevailed. This is “MODIFLEX”, an acronym for “modify flexibly” A far more receptive notion than the idea of “change”, what ensues is our quality motto of “Quality involves you, me and everyone through MODIFLEX System”.
Our Vision
To remain competitive and continue with positive economic growth, Singapore has to meet the demands of the changing global market. Every business entity, large or small, with this global vision has to maintain the highest level of products and services. In essence, quality excellence is the only way to go.

Utopia is all geared up for this exciting challenge. In our organisation, we practice quality like a religion. From our micro level, we hope our contribution will benefit the macro level on the world stage, in order that one and all, we will progress towards harmony, mutual understanding and better way of life.